Talks at the Chesterfield Barnett Observatory

Approximately once a month a speaker joins us at the observatory to give a talk on a relevant subject. We’ve had many fantastic talks in the past given by highly talented scientists and by very knowledgeable hobbyists.

Please see the calendar for more details.

Visitors are always welcome to join us; entry fee is £2 per person for non members to help pay for the upkeep of the observatory and to contribute towards any expenses incurred for speakers.

We cannot promise that all talks will be non-technical. Indeed, we normally leave it up to the speaker to choose a subject and deliver as she or he sees fit so sometimes technical language is used. Of course, everyone is encouraged to ask questions so points of clarification are often raised.

Having said that, most talks are very accessible; the speakers usually make no assumption about our levels of knowledge and use everyday language wherever possible.

If you would like to join us, please feel free to do so. You don’t need to book in advance but please be aware that our lecture room is very small with seating for around 25 people and standing for another 5 or so.

Talks usually start at 8 – 8.15 pm and are always held on a Friday night.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all our speakers who so kindly give their time and knowledge for the benefit of our members and visitors. Talks are always awe-inspiring and often jaw-dropping as the enormity of the universe is explored, current theories explained and the plans and results of national and international projects are presented.

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