We were treated to a very interesting and informative talk. Brad listed the 11 ways astronomy has impacted our lives saying he only added number 11 recently as he is always coming across new ways all the time. The list is:


1. WiFi

2. CCD’s

3. Early detection of cancer

4. Rapid detection of Tuberculosis

5. Anthropomentary

6. Children’s health – Prosthetic hips, knees and joints

7. New computer languages – tracking packages

8. Border/transport security – scanning devices

9. GPS – 32 satellites

10. SPH – smoothed particle hydrodyamics

11. Digital archiving the Vatican


Quite a list. Brad went through each one telling us how they came about. NASA and their collaborators can be thanked for some of these but many countries were involved.


His talk was well received and at the end he offered to let us have copies of the slides.


If you wish to know more please get in touch and I will direct you to how to access the slides. I promise there are many surprises. Things we didn’t know.


Marilyn Bentley