On Friday the 18th June we were treated to a witty and interesting talk about climate change.  It was not what we were expecting.  James explained all the cycles Earth goes through and what each means to the planet.

He also told us of our star’s place in the Milky Way and how it orbits our black hole picking up dust on its 223 year journey round.

There are many factors that influence global warming, in fact it was only two and a half million years ago that our polar caps first appeared.  Ice built up on the land at the south pole and became fixed there.  At the north pole the ice built up on the ocean and is in constant motion being fed by the gulf stream.  In fact James suggested that this motion, causing icebergs to break off, was a contributory factor for the Titanic hitting one!

The talk left me with an abiding thought.  The fact that mankind is responsible for some of the global warming with our emissions of greenhouse gasses, serves to hold off the next ice age!


Marilyn Bentley