On Friday 12th May, Mick Nicholls from the Mexborough and Swinton AS fascinated us with a brilliant talk about his experiences imaging the sun and various astronomical objects. He talked about his journey from his early days imaging on some kit that by today’s standards seem almost antique through to the equipment he uses today. He compared and contrasted the gear and the techniques he has used and gave us a great insight into his approach.

One of the themes that stuck with me was his demonstration that you do not have to spend a fortune to get great results. He uses an entry level Canon 1100D DSLR and a fairly low cost ZWO AS1120MC video camera often sitting on a Coronado PST for solar (not so cheap!) and a MAK127 for Astro imaging. He also uses a 70mm APO for some of his astro-work. Much of the software Mick uses is free and available for download from the Internet. Various software included PIPP, IMGALT, Registax5 and 6, IMERGE and Deep Sky Stacker.

Mick produces some really outstanding images that make it into national magazines and websites with good reason. If you’d like to see examples of his work pop along to our Facebook page here or visit Mick’s home page here. Our thanks to Mick for sharing his knowledge and for entertaining us with his enthusiasm and humour. I’m sure we’ll be inviting Mick back again at some stage to show us more of his great work in his inimitable Yorkshire style!