Crazy Interstellar Rockets

Dr Julian Onions Nottingham University 

Friday 20th May


Julian gave a fascinating talk on interstellar rockets, talking about the Saturn V that used Kerosene/o2 fuel and the solid rocket boosters used on the Space Shuttle. He also spoke about others like the Skylon Project which uses Ion drives were the fuel is some kind of gas.  When talking about the above and the others he spoke of the good points and the not so good points of each one. The Nuclear options were spoken of like Nuclear Thermal Rockets, Nuclear Salt-Water Rockets and Nuclear Bomb, explaining how each one worked with good and not so good points of each.

Julian also spoke about Project Orion (1956 – 1962), Project Daedelus of the 1970’s, Project Starshot which is banks of lasers explaining about each one in turn and how they worked with the good and not so good points. He also spoke about Bussards Ramjet with the big Hydrogen scoop with lots of fusion options. The Power of Light, Nuclear Photomic Rockets explained about each one with all points explained. The first atomic launch of Plumbob/Pascal A (1956) and Plumbob/Pascal B which use Nuclear Thermal Rockets.

Now for all you Star Trek fans out there Julian spoke about Wrap Drives and the fact that the General Relativity checked out, so maybe one day.