On the 2nd of December we were once again treated to a talk by Dr Matthew Malek.

Although we had previously had a talk on Dark Matter it was interesting to get Dr Malek’s take on things.  He did not disappoint.  His talk was full of humour and his presentation clear and precise.

He told us  “The ‘Mystery of the Missing Mass’ has been vexing astronomers and physicists for over eighty years. It all began in 1933, when Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky’s observations of galactic clusters led him to postulate the existence of a ‘dark matter’.  Since then, an ever-growing body of evidence supports the conclusion that over 80% of the mass of the Universe is undetectable by normal means.  We now know that dark matter exists, but what is it?  How was it formed? Why is it so hard to detect?”

In his talk, he reviewed the cutting edge experiments that are looking for dark matter right here on Earth, and what the prospects for discovery are in the next decade.  They are tantalizingly close.  He promised to revisit us with any progress in the future.

He was regaled with questions and said afterwards that he had enjoyed the exchange.  We kept him very late and when I emailed him the next day I apologised for this as well as thanking him for a very enjoyable talk.  He replied it was always fun coming to CAS.

Although we have had all three talks Dr Malek delivers, I am pleased to tell you that he is putting together a talk especially for us and will visit us next year.  Watch this space.

Article by Marilyn Bentley