Features of the Moon and how to image it

Talk by  Dave Eagle

Friday 24th February

He gave us a whistle-stop tour of the lesser known craters and features like rilles.We stopped off at some crater chains that had been created by objects breaking up andimpacting the surface creating multiple craters.We also looked at the large Mare or “Sea” surface features which were once huge lave plainslong since cooled.Some of the Moon’s Clair-obscur effects were then visited. These are revealed when light andshadows create familiar shapes on the surface of the Moon. Such sights are –Lunar X, Lunar V, Eyes of Clavius and Jewelled Handle to name a few.Dave then went on to show some simple imaging techniques, one of them being how to get the“Mineral Moon” effect. Simply put, you make small increases to the saturation until thedesired colouration is reached. It really can help to bring out the darker region withinMare Tranquilitatis, where Apollo 11 landed.This is because this region is rich in Titanium.All in all a very well received talk.

Matthew Hyman