On the 10th December our image presentation took place. This is only the second time we have held this event, but it was very successful and we are making it an annual event. There were members in the lecture room at the observatory and at home over Zoom.


We had three imagers:

Martin Bradley

Peter Davison

Sue Silver.


The images were stunning. Martin used the milky way as a backdrop to beach huts at Wells. He even had some local lads in the picture on the steps of the huts.


Peter showed an image of the sun in Bermuda whilst capturing the eclipse. It brought a “wow” from the audience. He also showed some nebula and craters of the moon.


Sue showed a very clear image of the Jewelled Handle in Crater Plato on the moon. Again it brought appreciation from the audience. She also delighted us with a picture of a female Grebe with two of her young on her back, taken at Poolsbrook park!!


If you were not able to attend and you want to view the imagers’ work, head over to our Facebook page where many of our members post their work.


Also there are several images in this issue of the Newsletter you may find interesting. This can be a very rewarding hobby and a quarter of our membership are astro-photographers. They would be only too pleased to give you some pointers should you wish to take up this hobby. Maybe we will see you next year presenting your images.


Happy New Year to you all.


Marilyn Bentley