Dr Susan Cartwright

Friday 18th March 2022

On Friday the 18th March we were treated to a talk by one of the Society’s favourite speakers, Dr Susan Cartwright.

She showed us the evidence for why the majority of stuff in the universe is dark. It doesn’t give off light particles therefore, we cannot see it. It could be gas, dust, rocks and anything that doesn’t give off visible light. This invisible material makes up 99% of the energy content of our Universe.

Susan took us through the main three candidates for this invisible material they being:


WIMPS – Weekly Interacting Massive Particles

AXIONS – Low mass particles

NEUTRINOS – Abundant in the universe but with a very small mass.


Members who have been with us some time, will recognise all three, as we have over the years, had talks on all three subjects.

Susan expertly brought them together for us, and although theoretical, remain just some of the possibilities for the dark universe.

She left us with a tantalising concept – a parallel universe in which time runs backwards.

Unbelievable or not I will leave it to the reader to make up their own minds OR minds own their up make.

Marilyn Bentley