Once again a great talk by Julian.  Full of humour and speculation and a description of the difficulties of communication with the far side of the moon. He showed us actual images taken by missions orbiting the moon and of course the Lunar Orbiter which is still mapping the surface.

He showed slides of the ideas people had had through the ages of what was on the far side.  Some quite amusing such as people living there and what they might look like!!!  Pictures have emerged of structures resembling towers and even an old WWII bomber on the surface.  All the more comical because it extended to the edges of a vast crater and was obviously made up.

When the Chinese finally landed a rover on the far side, Julian showed images of what it was really like.  Very different to the face we see.  Full of craters – many more than the side that faces us.

Should man go back to the moon and set up bases, Julian described the difficulties with communication should we decide to land on the far side of the moon.

He explained the Lagrange points which can be used to set up communications with the far side.  However these areas are quite small and will soon fill up.  For instance space at L3 will have to be made available  when the James Webb Telescope finally gets off the ground. (Possibly 2024).

All in all a fascinating look at what people thought of the far side of the moon and what we now know.


Marilyn Bentley