On Friday 7th April we were treated to a highly entertaining talk on one potential future of the universe by James Mullaney from Sheffield University. The model James took us through showed very little change in the next few hundred million years. In about a billion years’ time the Sun will be too hot for life to exist on Earth.

The Sun will eventually run out of fuel in about 5 billion years’ time and then it will collapse in on itself and become a white dwarf. Shortly afterwards the Andromeda galaxy and the Milky Way will merge making a massive galaxy with between 6 and 8 hundred billion stars in it.

If the current expansion of the universe continues as expected, which is dependent upon an assumed effect of dark energy, then in many trillions of years’ time all matter will convert into photons. We will of course watch the universe and report back regularly every few trillion years to see if the model is accurate!

Our thanks to James for his time and for a very interesting talk that prompted lots of questions.